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Did you like 2048 and Threes! ? You will love zer0, the new addictive puzzle-game about numbers ! Official game from, you have to create the tile n°0 as fast as possible !
How to play ? It's really easy :When two or more tiles with the same number are adjacents, you can click on one of them and they will merge on the tile clicked. The number of the new tile is reduced by 1.
zer0, this is also more than ten achievements, and a post game that ask you to challenge yourself. Can you actually go further than the tile n°0?
You are in trouble? Use the Joker Bomb to get rid of a troublesome tile at any time, or cancel your last move !
Want to make a little pause and close the application ? No problem, your current game is saved and will be resumed when you will come back !
Share your scores and your time with your friends, compare yourself with the world via leaderboards from the Google PlayGames service.
Good luck, have fun, and stay tuned for upcoming new functionnalities on !